Xiao Shuilong

Xiao Shuilong is the Chairman and Founding Partner of Shenzhen CDF-Capital Co. Ltd.. He graduated from Tongji University with the Bachelors Degree of Engineering and the Masters Degree in Economic Management and studied in Financial Investment in The City University of New York. He has engaged in trust, investment and real estate. Mr. Xiao Shuilong is familiar with finance, trust, real estate and listed company management. He has directed more than 50 venture capital projects, including Huawu Company, Honz Pharma, Senior Technology Material, Sailhero and Eastmoney. Mr. Xiao Shuilong has won numerous titles and honors, including China Shenzhen Venture Capital Leader of 2019 by Shenzhen Chamber of Investment, China Venture Capitalist of the Year by the Equity and Venture Capital Specialty Committee of The Investment Association of China, China Top 50 Venture Capitalist of 2018 by China Venture, China Top Venture Capitalist of 2019 Interface, China Shenzhen Venture Capital Leader, Venture Capitalist of the Year of China Venture Capital Golden Eagle Award, Top 100 Venture Capitalist of 2017 by China Venture, China Top 20 Investor with Entrepreneurship Spirit by China Venture, China Best Venture Capitalist by Hurun and China Top Venture Capitalist.