Research and industrialization of flexible glass cover plate

Driven by favorable policies, technical progress and market demand,
flexible display industry is rapidly developing in China. At present, the
industry has formed three links of industrial chain, parts manufacturing,
panel manufacturing, and end products application with a promising
prospects. According to statistics from IHS, shipment volume of flexible
display is estimated to exceed 50 million by 2025. Market analysts from
Touch Display Research predict that the revenue of flexible displays and
curved displays will account for 16% of global display revenue by 2023,
meanwhile, IHS iSuppli predicts that the global shipment volume of
flexible displays will reach 792 million by 2020.However, owing to
immature flexible glass processing technology, foldable phones in the
market are using PI flexible cover. There are several defects of
transparent PI cover: 1. Not resistant to ultraviolet light; 2, poor
performance of packaging; 3, low hardness on the surface, not scraping
resistant. Therefore, flexible glass is bound to replace transparent PI
film.The team of this project has now mastered the techniques of slimming,
cutting, edge grinding, reinforcing, silk printing, and protective
coating of flexible glass. Four newly designed “composite and protective
cover”with ultra-thin flexible glass will soon be released. Intellectual
property is needed to be settled and incubated, and then it can startthe
mass production. At present, technical team has signed commissioned
contracts of flexible glass cover development with multiple famous end
customers in China. The future output is estimated to be 500 million yuan.
When the project is transformed, more than 3,000 jobs will be created.