Hydrogen economy is a billion dollar industry, thanks to its various applications and unlimited potential; hydrogen as an essential chemical has seen a tremendous growth in both consumption and its need for local generation. Out of many uses of Hydrogen, one of the major uses is in production of Ammonia which constitutes around 53% of total hydrogen usage. This ammonia is directly or indirectly utilized in Fertilizer and Chemical industries which are our biggest potential customers. The problem worth solving for these industries is the lack of cost effective onsite hydrogen production system. Currently around 95% of world hydrogen production comes from off-site steam reforming of conventional fossil fuels. The problems with this approach are: * Not clean & non-renewable * Down-scaling the size becomes extremely expensive * Costly due to specialized transportation needs * Faster degradation of the system This is where we, SOHHYTEC, come in. We propose to solve these problems by a smart combination of concentrated solar energy during day and cheap grid electricity during night using our novel Integrated Photo-electrochemical device for onsite cost effective hydrogen production. With this we have : * Cleaner & Greener production * Highly scalable in size (up/down) * Onsite hence no costly expenses for transportation * Longer and durable life span With this approach, we can drastically reduce the consumption of conventional fossil fuels and produce clean energy. Technology : Integrated Photoelectrochemical device under concentrated sunlight Product : 24 hour operable Onsite Hydrogen production system Services: Financial and technical consultancy and product maintenance and upgrade OUR PRODUCT: Our product comprises of a concentrator which concentrates sunlight onto an area where we place our Integrated photo-electrochemical (PEC) device. The light from the concentrator is concentrated onto the device, the device converts the light into usable electric power and this electric power feeds the water electrolysis process through which water is split into hydrogen and oxygen. We developed a novel device which integrates photovoltaics and electrolyser at the micro-scale level; with our smart design we could achieve optimized efficiency with optimized Hydrogen production. Our device can achieve Solar to Hydrogen conversion effiencies as high as 23% which is one of the highest reported till date. This design has the benefit of getting rid of multiple restrictions and limitations imposed by solid-liquid interface which is inherent in traditional PEC design, and also has the advantage of highly reduced connection losses over a non-integrated PV+EC approach. The hydrogen from the device is then directly distributed to the consumer (chemical/fertilizer industry or any industry needing hydrogen). Apart from the novelty of our Integrated device design, we have employed a novel idea of combining the day operation of our device with Sun as the input energy source, with the night operation where the input energy comes from grid electricity which is ~50% cheaper during night. This way we get 24-hour of continuous Hydrogen production. In cases of insufficient input solar energy (cloudy/rainy days etc.), the customer uses the stored hydrogen. Services: *We offer CHEAPER, GREENER, ONSITE production of hydrogen. *Ad-hoc customized consulation for possibility of savings coupled with the most suitable package-offerings. *Provide both equipment and technical support for hydrogen production needs. *On-going R&D research for system updates and optimization *Technological and Operational consulting