Xie Wenli

Xie Wenli. Chairman of Qianhai Wutong acquisition fund.

President of Qianhai financial innovation promotion association. President of China time honored investment alliance. From 1994 to 2006, he successively served as the head of R & D, engineering and sales teams in ZTE and ut Starcom, and once served as the CEO of ZTE's joint venture subsidiary. He has a deep understanding of the information industry. In 2007, he began to invest in the equity investment industry. He served as the executive director and managing director of Huakong Huijin equity investment fund and ZTE equity investment fund respectively. He participated in the investment and M & A projects, involving nearly 10 billion yuan. In 2011, he joined China Merchants Securities, initiated the establishment of the chairman's Club of listed companies, and served as the main person in charge. In 2014, he was rated as "top 10 innovative youth of Qianhai", The Qianhai Wutong acquisition fund was awarded the "best investment fund of Qianhai", and China's most limited Chinese partner in 2015 was concerned about PE investor (60s) TOP5.

Judges of the third international innovation and entrepreneurship competition in Shenzhen, China