Shenzhen Longgang District Urban Construction Investment Group Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Longgang District Urban Construction Investment Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Longgang District Urban Investment Group") is a wholly state-owned company funded and established by the People's Government of Longgang District, with reference to the management unit directly under the District Government. The company was established in August 2010 with a registered capital of 11.622 billion yuan. In 2017, it completed the collectivized transformation and officially changed its name to Longgang District Urban Investment Group. As of April 2019, Longgang District Urban Investment Group has 7 wholly-owned enterprises and 8 joint-stock enterprises.
Shenzhen Longgang District Affordable Housing Investment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Longgang District Affordable Housing Company") was established in May 2012 with the approval of Longgang District People's Government. When it was established, the company was the only professional affordable housing investment and financing platform in Shenzhen, with a registered capital of 2.5 billion yuan. In March 2013, Longgang District Social Security Housing Company was restructured into a wholly state-owned company directly funded by Longgang District People's Government. As of April 2019, it has 1 wholly-owned enterprise and 2 holding enterprises.
In December 2012, Longgang District Railway Office was established. Its daily work platform was set up in Longgang District Urban Investment Group. The Group specially set up the Railway Transportation Department to promote the overall coordination of the early stage, construction, operation and other work of the rail transit construction within its area of administration.
Longgang District Urban Investment Group and Longgang District Security Housing Company implement the integrated operation mode of "two brands, one set of people". Group as a "city operation and for developers, the sub-centres development and construction as the core, insist on quasi-public properties combined with marketing operation, innovative city construction pattern, improve the operating level of the city and become the longgang district the operation of the state-owned capital management standard and carry out the strategy of" eastward ", build a key support to shenzhen east center. Business covers investment, development, major project construction, infrastructure construction, park investment operation, affordable housing management, rail transit and other fields.
Longgang district in recent years, urban construction investment group exalted jinping new age the mind the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, fully implement the party's 19th and the third plenary session of the 19th session of 2, and the central economic work conference spirit, in-depth study and implement xi jinping, general secretary of guangdong important speeches and a series of important instructions to shenzhen instruction spirit, the full implementation of longgang district party committee district, longgang district Treasury work deployment, and "style construction promotion year" "strategic eastward GongJianNian" job requirements, to create first-class enterprise as the goal, to the party as the leading, driven by reform, to specialization, refinement, standardization, the market into a foothold, Strengthen cost consciousness, efficiency consciousness, customer consciousness, competition consciousness, struggle consciousness, efforts to do big business, doing fine do public welfare, and deep real management, with "reform GongJianNian" as the theme, carry out eight action to promote the reform to turn style, yong as the reform of state-owned enterprises, improve enterprise core competitiveness, efforts to create new achievements, for the longgang district contributions to economic and social development.