Longgang Tianan Digital City

      China's leading high-tech industrial park operators, with rich overseas stay and innovation resources and various levels, specifications, innovation and entrepreneurship competition hosting, undertaking experience.
Tianan digital longgang town, as the representative of shenzhen overseas Chinese business base, thanks to the past for many overseas stay gen personnel innovation business events, such as "international all the weekend" summit, the first young innovative entrepreneurial section, shenzhen and Hong Kong through train in silicon valley - MIT China innovative entrepreneurial BBS, the mobile Internet peak BBS, "chunhui cup" national study innovation entrepreneurship competition winning project road shows and talent docking assembly events such as specifications, tianan digital longgang town gathered a number of overseas resources, innovative undertaking has accumulated rich experience in run competitions.
Tianan group in recent years, relying on the city's comprehensive operating body brand advantage, relying on the international high-end innovation platform, and strive to build longgang business avenue, through train, the wisdom in silicon valley park, innovative entrepreneurial environment and so on enterprise innovation ecosystem through docking in silicon valley, tel aviv, Tokyo, Japan and other places of intelligent hardware manufacturing enterprise, intelligent resource, and so on well-known colleges and universities for hatching, breeding and promoting regional high-end intelligent industry provides a good environment for development, especially since this year, tianan digital longgang town successfully held such docking overseas leave a team activity, It injects new strength into improving the innovation and entrepreneurship atmosphere and ability of Longgang and Even Shenzhen, and also provides rich soil for overseas students to choose Shenzhen and Longgang as the promising land for entrepreneurship.
Through the host of the tournament, longgang tianan digital city will continue to expand the service form, enriching the connotation of the innovation, convenience, service in place for enterprises to set up more efficient intelligent resources and entrepreneurial Bridges, and then to longgang incubation and cultivate more innovative start-ups, project, talent, for the early realization of "high-end cluster, high-end lead" goal, makes the national science and technology innovation city benchmarking to lay a solid foundation.


Address: 447 Huangge Road, huanggekeng community, Longcheng street, Longgang District, Shenzhen

Tel: (0755) 89911111