3D vision Nanophoton solution innovation team

Founded in 2018, The company is a high-tech start-up company based in Silicon Valley in the United States. It has received four rounds of investment from a number of first-tier funds, including Northern Lights, Twin Lakes Capital and SoftBank China (SBCVC).
The team is committed to providing a fully stacked 3D vision solution combining hardware and software, enabling artificial intelligence visual interface and enabling machines to understand the 3D world. The company is the first to apply the world's leading nanopoptics technology in the field of 3D vision. Combined with artificial intelligence algorithm, the company has realized a full-stack 3D vision solution with independent intellectual property rights, enabling machines to understand the 3D world.
The scheme has advantages of high precision, low cost and mature supply chain, enabling large-scale application of 3D vision technology in intelligent terminal, AR/VR, AIoT, robot vision, new retail and other fields.