Automation of quality inspection in high-end manufacturing industry based on artificial intelligence technology

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming an integral part of our daily
lives and changing the way we do business. However, industrial AI remains
a huge, underserved market. For example, Industry 4.0/intelligent
manufacturing represents a $4 trillion opportunity; in China alone there
are 60 million quality inspectors, costing companies $350 billion per year.
We proposes innovative and practical solutions for the three major
challenges of current AI in enterprise applications:
(1). Lack of effective sample images: Based on core cross-industry
defect images accumulated from decades, we use the proprietary
technology( patent pending): DataonomyTM to automatically mine and
expand the effective images for each task.
(2). High accuracy requirement: Provide a versatile solution with
a cross-industry base model, use Transfer Learning with a small amount
of customer data so as to quickly meet high accuracy requirements.
(3). Strict data privacy and security: Using the most advanced
Federated Learning framework provides models and algorithms in
client-side for customers to generate the best detection model with their
own data by themselves.
Our team has filed 5 domestic and foreign invention patents and published
5 international papers. Using advanced AI software and optical imaging
technology, we will focus on high-end manufacturing industries to provide
customized advanced manufacturing AI solutions. At present, we have
customers from several large domestic pharmaceutical