China Shenzhen innovation and entrepreneurship competition 4th international competition Incubation and Other Policies


Supporting Organization




Industrial Parks in Shenzhen

Winning projects in overseas division competitions that settle down in Shenzhen will have priority to access the industrial parks as well as incubators at the municipal and district level. Rent reduction/exemption, bonus and other benefits will be offered as well.

1. Projects should settle in Shenzhen

2. Prize-winning projects in overseas division competitions.


Information query, engagement meeting organization, centralized project demonstrations, closed-door meetings and other services will be provided to the Participants and engaged investors.

Provide comprehensive financial service solution, provide omnibearing and all life circle financial service with excellent quality for participating projects, select multiple bank institutions to carry out diversified financial service solution, such as “investment financing loan”, “ talent loan”, etc., enrich the choices of enterprises in financing.



Winners who plan to settle in Shenzhen will be provided with supporting services such as start-up trainings, management consultations, mentorship guidance, patent applications, and innovation resources. Chances to professional exhibitions, international communication, and talent recruitments will be provided as well.

1. Projects should settle in Shenzhen

2. Prize-winning projects in overseas division competitions

3. Priority will be given by regulations.