China Shenzhen innovation and entrepreneurship competition 4th international competition Science & Technology Finance Policies


Supporting Organization




Cooperative Investment Institutions

A pool of RMB 25 billion has been set up by investment institutions to carry out portfolio investment for outstanding projects. Moreover, professional management, consulting, business planning and other supporting services are provided.



Shenzhen Qingcheng Capital Equity Investment Management Co., Ltd. 


1.Offer access to post investment project resources of investment institutions

2. Provide resources of research institutions from universities, such as the South University of Science and Technology.

1. All competition projects are involved;

2. Projects should settle in Shenzhen.


China Merchants Bank

1.Instruct competitors to complete the registration of Shenzhen business affairs, and recommending cooperative lawyers who are able to provide legal services for competitors;

2.Provide financial services of settlement for competitors, including but not limited as below: application of personal settlement accounts, personal credit cards, personal social security cards, reserved fund cards and housing mortgage loans.



Bank of Jiangsu

Scientific and technological enterprises with certificates of intellectual properties can get a maximum loan of RMB30 million.