Dayun software town

Dayun software town is located at the junction of Longgang Avenue and Baohe Road, close to the entrance of the airport and load Expressway and the water official high speed. The main entrance of the park is close to the exit of Metro Line 3, a and B, with obvious location advantages. In recent years, Longgang District has actively implemented the strategy of "high-end leading and innovation driven", vigorously enhanced independent innovation ability, vigorously promoted cooperation in production, learning and research, vigorously introduced universities, built characteristic colleges, actively constructed innovative service system conducive to independent innovation of market subjects, and promoted the transformation of Industrial Development from factor driven to innovation driven. Longgang District stands at the forefront of high-tech industry development. With the industrial layout of one core, two corridors, three districts, four cities, multiple parks and one road, emerging high-end science and Technology Parks emerge like a spring. High tech industry has become the mainstream of development, high-end carriers undertake industrial transfer, and enterprise agglomeration promotes Longgang to become a new growth pole of high-tech industry in the Pearl River Delta. Longgang is making efforts of the whole region to build "Silicon Valley in China"“ Shenzhen Dayun software town is a demonstration park and industrial transformation and upgrading demonstration project jointly constructed by Longgang District government, which is jointly constructed by Shenzhen Economic and Information Commission, municipal science and Technology Commission, Longgang development and Reform Bureau, Economic Promotion Bureau, science and Technology Bureau, Human Resources Bureau, industrial investment service group and other departments. Shenzhen Dayun software Town, as a software park jointly built by municipal and district governments, is fully responsible for operation by Longgang Industrial Investment Service Group.
Shenzhen Longgang Industrial Investment Service Group Co., Ltd. is a wholly state-owned limited liability company established by Longgang District Committee and district government in order to promote the industrial transformation and upgrading and urban renewal and transformation of the whole district, based on the original state-owned enterprise Longgang District Foreign Economic Development Co., Ltd. Longgang Industrial Investment Service Group has established Shenzhen guogaoyukeng investment and Operation Co., Ltd. to provide innovative services for the enterprises entering the park to do a good job in the industrial cultivation of Dayun software Town, and to establish a professional operation management team to be responsible for the daily operation and management of Dayun software town.
In order to help the enterprises entering the park develop faster and provide concrete and effective services, China has gathered 31 strategic cooperation support units, including finance, policy, talents, law, tax, universities, etc., and made every effort to build eight innovative service systems, including innovative finance, innovation technology, production, learning and research cooperation, high-end talents, policy market, industrial synthesis, community life and high-end material management, It provides all-round effective innovation resources and development services for scientific and technological SMEs. Eight service systems include:
(1) Science and technology financial service system: self built angel investment fund and private fund, integrated group guarantee and small loan and other financial businesses, integrated various financing resources of venture capital Plaza of district industry and service group, built three-dimensional multi-mode financing channels, and solved the capital needs of enterprises.
(2) Innovation technology service system: introduce, build and jointly build key laboratories or engineering research centers, carry out technical cooperation, technology transfer and technical services, and improve the independent innovation ability of enterprises.
(3) Cooperative service system of industry, University and research: to promote the interaction between industry and innovation by combining universities and scientific research institutes, and to improve the industrialization of innovation technology by the two-way mode of technology transmission and market feedback.
(4) High end talent service system: to continuously transport and train high-level innovative and entrepreneurial talents for enterprises through network recruitment, headhunting service, college students practice base construction, campus recruitment, characteristic college construction and entrepreneurship tutor service.
(5) Policy market service system: connect with government departments at all levels, fully interpret the government industry support policies, guide and assist enterprises to declare the supporting funds of government industry at all levels. Provide industry information, upstream and downstream exchange activities for enterprises, and promote business cooperation at home and abroad.
(6) Industrial comprehensive service system: gather science and technology intermediary service institutions, carry out comprehensive services such as commercial registration, financial and tax guidance, intellectual property protection, legal counsel, and establish secretary service system.
(7) Community life service system: Taking the creation of innovative community as its own responsibility, the park will allocate high-end living facilities, carry out cultural and sports activities, create a community-based living atmosphere and build a positive and innovative cultural system around the living needs of enterprises and employees in the park.
(8) High end property management service system: build high-level professional property management team to provide close butler service for enterprises in residence.
Longgang District is focusing on "high-end leading and innovation driven", and strives to build Dayun software town into a national software park with high-end industry, complete supporting facilities and full of Chinese style town customs. The environment of suitable business and livable will make the software town a typical demonstration of "integration of production and city". It has become an ideal home for Shenzhen information industry gathering and high-end talents entrepreneurship. Longgang District is opening up, invite all walks of life science and technology talents, to Shenzhen Longgang, to explore a new era in the field of science and technology.
Location advantages of Dayun software town
The core transportation hub of "located in Shenzhen Guanhui" is located at the junction of Longgang Avenue and Baohe Road, close to the entrance of the airport and load Expressway and the water official highway. The main entrance of the park is close to the exit of Metro Line 3, a and B, with obvious location advantages. Within 30 minutes, we can reach Shenzhen City, Dongguan and Huizhou, forming a half hour business circle of "Shenzhen Guanhui". The park covers an area of 145000 square meters, with a building area of 160000 square meters, with 75 buildings, which are reconstructed in two phases. Phase I has been officially operated in 2013, and phase II has been attracting investment simultaneously“ Shenzhen Dayun software town "carries" green ecology, high-tech ecology "innovation concept, with ultra-low volume ratio, high green area characteristics, designed into a courtyard layout, each unit has its own independent courtyard, catering to modern aesthetic fashion. The town is equipped with perfect supporting facilities, which not only meets the catering, business, finance, accommodation, cultural and leisure of the personnel of the enterprises entering the park, but also will be equipped with high-standard public service facilities such as the activity center and business reception center. In addition, in order to improve the ecological office environment of the town, the district government will build 200000 square meters of mountain body located in the southeast of the town into a high-quality leisure mountain park.
The town is close to two universities, namely, the Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen) and the Shenzhen Institute of information technology. In the near future, Longgang District will have such Chinese University as the Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen Branch), Moscow University of Shenzhen North Science and the University of Queensland of Shenzhen Jida, which will become the largest and highest level of higher education cluster in China, which will provide strong guarantee for the supply of professional talents resources.
In the 5-minute life circle of the town, there are Vanke square, Cocopark commercial square, Sam member store, and other large super businesses. All kinds of special catering, clothing, shopping supermarket and other living facilities are available. All kinds of high-grade residential buildings, with average price of only half of the urban area, are equipped with smooth and unimpeded traffic, which is suitable for all types of groups to settle in Longgang.
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