Deutsch-Chinesischer Verein für Technik-, Bildungs- und Kulturaustausch e.V.

TBKV is a non-profit, independent and non-political association. The Association is officially registered in Munich, the capital of the German state of Bayern.
The aim of the association is to strengthen exchanges in science, technology, education and culture and promote mutual understanding and cooperation between the two peoples. The members are willing to contribute to the exchange of science, technology, education and culture between Germany and China. The association focuses on the interdisciplinary and organic integration of arts, science, industry and commerce, and strengthens the cooperation with other German associations of science, technology, education and culture to jointly hold cross-border, cross-cultural and professional large-scale exchange activities.
Association with nearly 50 brothers around Europe association, joint europe-wide Chinese federation of professional associations, china-eu high-level talent exchange center, the method such as successful entrepreneurs association in planning and organizing a big event for many times, including the two "win" in suzhou international elite entrepreneurship competition, nanjing 321 European final business plan competition, etc., and accumulated rich experience in run competitions, and stimulated the innovation of the Munich local entrepreneurial energy, polymerization of a batch of aspiring young, investment funds, mentors, and academic experts, peremptory make Europe's silicon valley Munich's Chinese "venture capital".


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