devulcanization technology to produce Tire Derived Polymer (TDP) for reuse in tires

With technology developed by professors at the University of Waterloo and an environmentally sustainable rubber desulfurization solution, the project provides a socially responsible and economically advantageous option for global waste tire management to reuse the rubber for the manufacture of new tires.
The project adopts an open innovation/collaboration approach, working with industry leaders to develop, optimize and validate TDP to create demand. Due to the lack of a socially responsible and environmentally sustainable strategy for managing large volumes of ELT, coupled with the low cost of the project product compared to the rubber compounds used in tyre production, the company focused on the desulfurization of ELT rubber to produce reusable tyre-derived polymers in tyre production.
Due to the global distribution of ELT production and tyre manufacturing, the company has chosen a business model of licensing the technology and TDP production systems to serve the global market. Create global demand and drive licensing models through partnerships with leading tire brands.