High quality, miniaturization, energy saving, magnetic thin film chip inductance manufacturing technology

This project is about the core film Chip Inductor, Chip the Inductor manufacturing technology, the technology can change iron, cobalt, silicon and boron four elements in a certain proportion of mixed firing into amorphous soft magnetic materials, will this kind of material made of thin film by magnetron sputtering method, 2 microns thick film under the condition of the high frequency of 1.2 GHz relative permeability is more than 80, the core magnetic film can make the Chip inductance L value increase 5 times. So as to achieve the goal of high quality, energy saving and miniaturization.
At present, the team has mastered the key technology and all the processes of this research. Using the magnetic thin film core, the magnetic induction strength of the IC coil can be enhanced by 5 times. It is expected that the market share of the project will reach 2-5% within 3-5 years after the project starts.