Micro Printing Process for Micro-LED

VueReal is engineering the next electronics revolution by developing and commercializing technology platforms that enable efficient, practical,and scalable production and integration of micro- and nano-devices. VueReal’s solutions promise to turn the potential of micro-LED technology into reality by enabling the true-life displays needed by the next generation of smartphones, TVs, laptops, virtual/augmented reality systems, heads-up-displays, instrument panels, infotainment systems, and wearables. Longer term, the same innovative solutions used to integrate millions of highly efficient micro-LEDs into a system substrate can be applied to cost-effectively produce a wide array of micro- and nano-devices (e.g., sensors, system-on-panel, inter- and intra-chip communications interfaces) that hold immense promise to advance medical, security, telecommunications, and other industries.VueReal business model is based on selling printer tools and selling consumable device cartridges for the printer. It has in-house capacity to produce low volume cartridges. For high volume fabrication of cartridges, VueReal is working on establishing paratnerships. The initial production of cartridge can help us to establish the market and get ready for high volume production. At this stage, VueReal is working with several parties in evaluation of its technology and products. We anticipate that three of them will turn to sales starting second half of next year.