Mixed Reality (MR) Technology and Application in 5G Network

The development of smart phone marks the first technological revolution in the course of Internet, which has incubated many new business models and also has completely changed people's living habits. Mixed Reality (MR) technology reflects the second technological revolution of the Internet for personal smart terminals. As 5G begins to be commercialized in 2019, the characteristics of 5G network, such as high bandwidth and low latency, have laid a solid foundation for the popularization of MR. MR has also become the most practical scenario for 5G landing, which can revolutionarily energize the education, medical care, industry, entertainment and many other fields, and become the engine of the new generation of digital economy.MR is a systematic technology, which requires the accumulation and cross integration of optics, human physiology, computer vision and other disciplines. Therefore, the industry has a higher entry threshold. Dreamworld MR has its own core technologies and dozens of patents, and established a very good brand awareness both at home and abroad. In 2018, it was rated as one of the Top 5 MR innovative companies in the world.