Portable Raman System for Label Free Bioprocess Analysis

Biological products, including biological drugs such as vaccines and antibodies, are specific products for the treatment of major diseases, but their yields are low, their prices are high, and their quality is unstable. Based on the market demand of these products, the biological industry urgently needs to solve this kind of problem.
This project is a real-time online biological process detection system, which can rapidly analyze the concentration of nutrients and products in cell culture medium, help improve the cell living environment, keep cells in a vigorous life state, and thus improve the output and stable product quality. Spectroscopy technology especially Raman spectroscopy is an ideal tool for on-line monitoring of biological processes. No need to deal with the sample, the detection time is fast.
This project focuses on the development of this instrument, which has formed the initial product. The reliability of this instrument has been demonstrated through close cooperation with universities and biological companies. At present, we are looking for industrialization fund to make this technology into a mature product and realize industrialization as soon as possible, so as to fill the gap in the domestic industry and jointly develop and share the domestic and international market with foreign instrument companies.