Shenzhen Investment win foreign exchange wisdom technology Co. LTD

Shenzhen for foreign exchange earning intelligence technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as foreign exchange earning) to the shenzhen venture capital association and shenzhen incubator alliance as the backing, is the most active has brought together overseas venture capital institutions, business incubators, university technology transfer and technology innovative company joint work platform, is committed to building international capital - technology - talent sharing circle, in order to promote and help domestic and overseas venture capitalists and high-tech in the field of high-end talent, entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurs to build a high-end resources sharing platform, promote cooperation and communication of all kinds of risk capital and the high-tech industry.

Focused on the investment and business opportunities of the strategic emerging industry, based on the Internet and mobile online social platform, offline high-level talents exchange, investment and financing trade fair, entrepreneurs growth plans and services such as high-end business trip plan, as a member of the platform to build efficient and powerful innovation talented person and innovation service cluster community resources. Gather the wisdom and resources of the investment and innovation community to jointly build a micro-ecology including cross-border social, technological innovation, entrepreneurship incubation and venture capital. Promote the rapid development of China's high-tech industry.

At present, as the important member of the foreign exchange earning: shenzhen venture capital association, the university of central Lancashire, Israel institute of technology, Germany medium-sized enterprise application technology university, shenzhen and the alliance of incubator, shantou university alumni chamber of commerce and other institutions are in shenzhen for us and foreign innovation entrepreneurship resources most rapidly rich countries and regions to carry out the business to provide strong support.

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