Silicon Valley High-tech Innovation and Entrepreneurship Summit a

As one of the largest high-tech industry events in The Silicon Valley region, the Silicon Valley High-tech Innovation and Entrepreneurship Summit (HEREINAFTER referred to as "Silicon Valley High-tech Innovation and Entrepreneurship Summit") has become a high-end international conference connecting China and the United States and radiating North America and the Asia-Pacific region. Silicon Valley High-tech Innovation Association focuses on high-end conference services and integrates Chinese and American political, business, business and investment professionals to build a communication platform integrating talents, technology and capital. Since its inception in 2011, each Silicon Valley High-tech Fair has been held in the fall in the central city of Silicon Valley and has been widely recognized and supported. It has gradually become an annual event expected in Silicon Valley. More than 5,000 people attend the event every year, and nearly 10,000 people attended the event in 2015. The main participants are executives of high-tech enterprises, IT engineers, venture capital institutions, angel investors and representatives of Chinese and American governments. Silicon Valley Gastronaut is the only full-time team in silicon Valley to host roadshows for major events.


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