Cross-border activity | China shenzhen innovation and entrepreneurship competition 4th international artificial intelligence industry finals

Time: 10:30-17:00, November 10

Venue: Xinghe World National Wind Art Gallery, Longgang District, Shenzhen

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2D echocardiography with heart MRI accuracy

[Country] Canada
[Project Introduction]

Based in Toronto, Canada, the project system USES a patented VMS+ system connected to a standard echo machine that can be used in the widest range of cardiac imaging technologies.
The system USES basic reconstruction (KBR) technology to create the heart with the same accuracy as AN MRI, making it the primary cardiac imaging tool. Heart disease is the leading cause of death, and $200 billion a year is spent worldwide on cardiovascular disease each year in the United States (AHA) cardiac measures for assessing heart disease.

Complex equipment big data intelligent diagnosis system

[Country] Canada
[Project Introduction]

The system realizes intelligent diagnosis and prediction of complex equipment by integrating advanced technologies such as fault diagnosis technology, intelligent algorithm technology and big data technology.
The intelligent diagnostic system plays an important role in the application field of complex equipment, especially for aero-engine, aero-equipment and aerospace equipment. The system can produce good economic and social benefits and is of great significance to improve the equipment utilization rate of enterprises.

3D vision Nanophoton solution innovation team

The United States of America
[Project Introduction]

The research content of the team is to realize a whole set of new 3D vision structure solutions with independent intellectual property rights from hardware to software, so as to solve the problems faced by the domestic 3D vision market. The solution includes a projection terminal consisting of a nanophotonics chip and an EEL laser, as well as the team's own soft-core depth algorithm.
This project mainly realizes wavefront modulation through nanophotonic chip, and presents structured infrared dot matrix in the far field by dividing a laser beam into tens of thousands of lasers, and recovers depth information by measuring the distortion of the dot matrix. At the same time, by adding an active device to the nanophoton chip, the switch between the two projection modes can be realized by using a single device. Using the depth information measured, the team developed face recognition and 3D reconstruction algorithms based on 3D data, improving the accuracy and stability of machine vision in a new dimension.
This scheme realizes the only mass-produced structured light scheme with independent intellectual property rights except VCSEL+DOE path, completely bypassing Apple's patent and supply chain control. Based on the self-developed nano-photon chip combined with artificial intelligence, a complete solution including 3D structured light and TOF as the hardware core as well as application layer algorithm based on 3D vision algorithm and data is realized.

Industrialization of intelligent operating equipment for the whole water body

Country: Australia
[Project Introduction]

Team members come from many famous universities at home and abroad, relying on sailing in northwestern polytechnical university college and the university of Sydney, Sydney university of science and technology, zhejiang university, China ocean university, Shanghai jiaotong university and other research institutions close cooperation, is committed to using the 3 s (GNSS, GIS and RS) technology, automatic control technology, information and communication technologies for military and civilian integration, surveying and mapping and geographic information, such as water conservancy, environmental protection and disaster emergency treatment and other industries to provide advanced international platform for the mobile measurement services and solutions.
Underwater and aquatic integrated visual and integrated intelligent observation network and equipment are intelligent systems that integrate the above technologies and a large number of cutting-edge aquatic and underwater equipment, so as to conduct comprehensive observation and operation on the target water area. This system can fill the dangerous or blank areas that cannot be reached or not easily by manned ships or machines in the civil field to the greatest extent, and carry out high-precision, automatic and high-efficiency single-person (or two-person) working mode.

Mixed Reality (MR) Technology and Application in 5G Network

[Country] Japan
[Project Introduction]

Hybrid reality (MR) technology is the second technological revolution of the Internet for personal intelligence terminals. As 5G begins to be commercialized in 2019, the characteristics of 5G network, such as high bandwidth and low latency, have laid a solid foundation for the popularization of MR. MR has also become the most practical scene for 5G to be implemented, which can revolutionize enabling education, medical care, industry, entertainment and many other fields, and become the engine of the new generation of digital economy.
The project has its own core technology and dozens of patents, and has built a good brand at home and abroad. In 2018, the company was rated as one of the top 5 MR innovative companies in the world. The field Angle (screen size) of AR glasses of one of the company's products is 3 times that of similar products, 1/3 of the weight, and 1/10 of the price of similar products. It has good promotion ability and can quickly occupy the market on the basis of guaranteed profit. Another new product of the company went online for pre-sale in August 2019 and generated more than $1 million in revenue in the first month. The company's revenue is expected to reach tens of millions of yuan in 2020. The project won the global overall champion of Singapore Airlines Entrepreneurship Competition 2019. The company will focus on the application of MR technology in education/training.

The equipment and industrialization of medical image artificial intelligence in clinical laboratory

[Country] Japan
[Project Introduction]

This project starts from the company's existing "medical imaging system for diagnosis of leucorrhea disease in gynecology and obstetrics", and gradually realizes the mass production of urine sediment, feces and sperm imaging diagnostics and the systematic industrialization of cloud services after the mass production of the full-automatic imaging diagnostic instrument for leucorrhea. At present, the company's "gynaecology and obstetrics leucorrhoea disease diagnosis medical imaging system" has been installed in the equipment of several domestic medical equipment companies such as Chongqing Tianhai Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Meiqiao Medical Technology Co., LTD., and has passed domestic clinical trials and medical registration. As the first detection equipment equipped with this software in China, it has entered the clinical laboratory and obstetrics department of more than 90 Grade A hospitals, realizing full automation of endoscopic examination for leucorrhea.
The business direction of the company will be extended and expanded in the following two business directions:
1. Medical imaging equipment (automatic leucorrhea disease imaging diagnostic instrument) and consumables
The company is discussing with its partners the design and manufacture of the automatic leucorrhea analyzer, and has already started the semi-automatic leucorrhea disease image diagnosis instrument. We will start to sell automatic leucorrhea analyzer and consumables within 2 years, and enter the market of endoscopic equipment for leucorrhea disease.
2. Deepening of medical image artificial intelligence (big data of leucorrhea disease image and diagnostic support cloud service)
The cloud platform of "Artificial intelligence for Medical Imaging in Laboratory Pathology Department" has been built in China to provide differentiated services with added value for hospitals and medical equipment companies.
The company will take the leading enterprise in the field of medical imaging artificial intelligence as the target, and make a series of medical imaging equipment products with independent brands that are consistent with the domestic market.

Lower limb rehabilitation intelligent walking robot

[Country] Japan
[Project Introduction]

Project team is responsible for, by professor Zhong Ning team by international well-known, clinical medical experts led by artificial intelligence experts, dedicated to the combination of artificial intelligence and precision medical technology, function obstacle for limb muscle abate, hemiplegia, such as a disability, the elderly are travelling, fall, and the outbreak risk big issues such as the elderly travel demand, in order for direction of research on artificial intelligence limb rehabilitation key technology, developing the walker robot lower limb rehabilitation, development healthy and help line intelligent monitoring system.
The product is aimed at the elderly in pension service institutions, community homes and medical institutions, providing all-round mobile, power-driven and controlled ARTIFICIAL intelligence limb rehabilitation services. Based on the collection, mining and analysis of health data such as accurate vital signs and gait signals, it provides online, real-time, continuous and comprehensive health monitoring, and forms a dynamic, long-term and closed-loop personalized health management mode based on artificial intelligence cloud platform.
At present, the project has made preliminary industrialization progress. In 2017, the company, Xuanwu Hospital and Putian Science and Technology Group participated in the Project of National Engineering Laboratory and the project funded by Beijing Science and Technology Commission. The project node is good, gradually in the hospital rehabilitation department and community care center to carry out trial operation.
Product functions and Advantages:
1. The internet-based intelligent rehabilitation robot can not only help wheelchairs and reduce the working intensity of medical staff, but also be used in post-stroke walking rehabilitation training to provide assistance according to patients' intentions and walking characteristics. At the same time, it can also operate an electric wheelchair based on omni-directional mobile technology, which has three functions of pushing, sitting and driving.
2. According to the direction and magnitude of the force exerted by the user on the robot handle, the robot can control and realize the movement direction and speed of the robot through an omni-directional moving mechanism, so as to achieve the purpose of assisting the user or rehabilitation training. When used as a walking aid, different proportions of resistance effects can be achieved, which can be used in the walking rehabilitation training of the elderly or the disabled to gradually enhance their walking ability. When used as a booster wheelchair, it can help the nursing staff to be carried out in the back to reduce the burden of the nursing staff.
3. Based on the generic model of multi-mode big data of the back-end cloud platform, the user's health data is collected through the front-end sensor, and the personalized rehabilitation training plan and health advice are formed by combining with the manual intervention decision of doctors' rehabilitation and rehabilitation specialists. The visualization of stroke rehabilitation can be realized by collecting big data of brain images of patients periodically.

Blockchain AI artificial intelligence big data cloud platform

[Country] Japan
[Project Introduction]

Team from harvard, MIT, graduated from famous universities such as Oxford and Cambridge institute of graduates of team committed to original technical system as the foundation, deep learning platform as the core "brain", cutting-edge research field, direction, layout quickly through the application of AI in vertical scene, focus on building the world's largest chain blocks, AI AI data cloud platform.
Project by AI intelligent algorithm and block not tamper with the characteristics of chain, build the cloud platforms, distributed storage cloud services, through the ground project of chain and its corresponding DAPP applications to solve business in commodity raw materials procurement, production, storage, circulation, distribution, stores, terminal consumption in the process of information, security check, interactive marketing, really efficient block chain development for technology developers set of cloud services, businesses and consumers to solve for the brand "trusted" problem, to build a new ecological new industry.
AI * chain and chain based on intelligent algorithm, and the etheric fang digital assets across chain wallet TRC20 DAPP, TRC721 agreement - thousands of star city AI intelligent algorithm by main node scale on-line based on the 21 of super node, each node is a lightweight service cluster, otherwise hundreds of standby node, node scale expand as the business development. AI intelligent algorithm × node security blockchain node distributed characteristics and consensus mechanism, to a certain extent, to prevent node owners and illegal intruders tamper with node data, and combined with the industry mainstream high defense means to further improve the security of node data. Each node of the platform composed of AI intelligent algorithm × node reward can get corresponding general points reward during the operation of the platform.

AI algorithm customization ASIC chip development for intelligent transportation

[Country] Japan
[Project Introduction]

Relying on years of experience in semiconductor chip research and development in world-renowned companies, the overseas research and development team of the company independently developed an ASIC special chip with independent intellectual property rights, which is suitable for intelligent traffic optimization control and customized by machine vision AI image processing algorithm.
This ASIC special chip can accurately realize the real-time artificial intelligence image recognition and processing of vehicles and pedestrians at the whole traffic intersection in the all-day and all-weather outdoor scene, and realize the real-time intelligent control of traffic intersection signal light switching and switching time interval. Moreover, real-time traffic information data can be transmitted to the traffic command center for cloud big data analysis through 5G communication network, so as to realize the optimized management of intelligent traffic in the whole region.
The intelligent transportation system using this ASIC chip is expected to reduce vehicle safety accident rate by more than 20%, reduce traffic congestion by about 60%, improve short-distance transportation efficiency by nearly 70%, and increase the capacity of the existing road network by 2-3 times. Compared with the same industry at home and abroad, the system construction cost can be reduced by 90%.

Satellite navigation SOC chip Industrialization and multi-agent core technology

[Country] Germany
[Project Introduction]

The project has reached an ideal degree of system integration with different satellite launch frequencies, coordinate systems and time standards. The project is the first to apply Beidou to the port field and create the electronic port channel map, which makes an important contribution to the development and utilization of the Arctic sea route and the use of the Arctic sea route by Chinese merchant ships, and is of great significance to shenzhen's economic strategy and Marine management.
The core personnel of the project are masters from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in the United States, doctors from the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom, and microelectronics majors from Tsinghua University. He has won the Royal Academy of Engineering award (9 people in the world and only 1 person in China), the first prize of Overseas Doctor Jiangsu Travel Entrepreneurship Competition in 2016, the first prize of Chongqing Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition in 2017, and the chief expert of Integrated navigation solutions of INTERNATIONAL Mobile Satellite Company (former senior expert of navigation and positioning field of INTERNATIONAL Maritime Satellite Organization). Committed to building the most competitive Beidou chip in China, he has unique ideas in the field of multi-mode and integrated navigation. He is a special expert of the Expert Advisory Committee of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council and an innovative talent of the Ministry of Science and Technology.

Giga AI- Superman Development Project

[Country] Germany
[Project Introduction]

Tvet-edtec module: Demonstration prototype - Intelligent Quality inspection Manufacturing Technician
At this stage:
-3D SmartInspect (Patent Registration) AI recommended NDT (non-destructive testing) quality testing software, ready for entry labeling
-AI recommends TVET EdTec educational technology software and 3D SmartInspect AI software to be transformed into TVET EdTec (in progress) The company will eventually build two products:
1) 3D SmartInspect (patent registration), industry 4.0 NDT technology software, license sale immediately
2) The first module of TVET EdTec software will be prototype released in 2021
Tvedtec process:
1. Industry experts and TVET teachers and specialists develop educational content for this module, including typical learner failures and errors, practical examples, including quizzes, tests, videos, 3D images, Chabot, etc.
2. Digital education is modeled into thousands of small learning sequences, and generates visual effects such as videos, animations and THREE-DIMENSIONAL images for modules.

The gearbox 4.0

[Country] Spain
[Project Introduction]

Headquartered in Madrid, Spain, the company is a B2B and B2C technology company providing all-inclusive computing solutions. Based on the latest technology, artificial intelligence, machine learning and Web-based applications to help remove language and communication barriers. The project provides web-based applications and solutions in Official Chinese to help the general public, teachers and doctors master the use of Chinese. The company plans to develop apps for all mainstream languages (English, Chinese, Spanish, French, German) and heritage and endangered languages (such as Aramaic).
The company's first product is expected to be launched in 2021.