Cross-border activity | China shenzhen innovation and entrepreneurship competition 4th international competition electronic technology industry finals

Time: 10:30-17:00, November 3rd
Venue: Multi-function report Hall, Venture Capital Building, Longgang District, Shenzhen city
Venture capital building
9 Tengfei Road, Longcheng Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, China

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Leaders of Shenzhen Longgang District government delivered a speech
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Announcement of competition results and awards


Intelligent continuous monitoring system for postoperative complications
[Country] Canada
Anastomotic leakage or gastroenteric fluid leakage into the abdominal cavity is one of the possible complications after operation. In the United States, approximately 130,000 high-risk abdominal surgery patients develop anastomotic fistula each year, with a mortality rate of 10-15%.
The company is developing an intelligent continuous monitoring system that combines with current standards of care and requires little training. The system incorporates a biosensor for real-time detection of postoperative complications. If sensors detect early signs of complications, the system can predict and notify healthcare providers, and monitor the development of complications in real time. The system is also used for remote monitoring, allowing patients to be discharged early and monitored remotely in an outpatient setting.
The system platform enables surgeons to detect complications when they occur and intervene early, while avoiding a chain of complications caused by late detection of complications. The product solution also allows healthcare providers to validate the effectiveness of their interventions by monitoring the patient's status after the clinical intervention (directed intervention). In the process, you can eliminate many of the unnecessary tests that are currently being performed.
The company positioned itself as the only remote monitoring solution in the market, deploying a proprietary system built internally (without outsourcing).
Real-time skin data platform in clinical stage
[Country] Canada
It is a clinical stage medical technology company based in Kitchener, Ontario. The company is developing a real-time skin monitoring and data platform to make healthcare safer and more efficient.
The skin monitoring and data platform was established to solve the HAPI problem. Using the collected data, the solution will provide: (I) continuous, automation, objective and accurate HAPI risk method based on the existing clinical validation (such as Braden or InterRAI PURS) in risk assessment, (ii) real-time warning advice, (iii) about how best to redistribute patients can be converted to pressure, (iv) to help nursing managers to optimize nursing staff working process of tool, and (v) document automation, reduce the administrative burden nurse, let them have more time spending with the patient.
(I) and the United States are the company's development strategy of hospital cooperation, create a large, strong defensive companies in IP and, on the basis of customer switching costs at the same time to provide protection, (ii) to generate as many shells as far as possible to provide data, (iii) for the patient safety to deploy additional software applications (for example, bed fall, UI, infection monitoring) or facilities efficiency, such as automatic resource management improve the value of the platform of the hospital, (iv) expand its cooperation with Europe, China and Canada hospital, and (v) to expand the company's business to care facilities.
3D vision Nanophoton solution innovation team
The United States of America
Founded in 2018, The company is a high-tech start-up company based in Silicon Valley in the United States. It has received four rounds of investment from a number of first-tier funds, including Northern Lights, Twin Lakes Capital and SoftBank China (SBCVC).
The team is committed to providing a fully stacked 3D vision solution combining hardware and software, enabling artificial intelligence visual interface and enabling machines to understand the 3D world. The company is the first to apply the world's leading nanopoptics technology in the field of 3D vision. Combined with artificial intelligence algorithm, the company has realized a full-stack 3D vision solution with independent intellectual property rights, enabling machines to understand the 3D world.
The scheme has advantages of high precision, low cost and mature supply chain, enabling large-scale application of 3D vision technology in intelligent terminal, AR/VR, AIoT, robot vision, new retail and other fields.
Full turn-key solution for low cost binocular perception, SLAM and control
The United States of America
This is an ultra-low-cost binocular perception, SLAM, and control turnkey solution for the mobile robot revolution.
The project has the eyes of the world's leading and SLAM technology, has obtained patent technology such as the United States, with a binocular built figure, positioning and navigation, the three dimensional obstacle avoidance, fall prevention road, along the wall, and back to charging pile, instead of a single laser, ultrasonic sensors, ToF, laser and so on dozens of sensor, the cost is lower than single single laser.
The product is believed to have exploded the sweeper market while leading the revolution in mobile home robotics.
Portable Raman system for labelless bioengineering analysis
Country: Australia
Biological products, including biological drugs such as vaccines and antibodies, are specific products for the treatment of major diseases, but their yields are low, their prices are high, and their quality is unstable. Based on the market demand of these products, the biological industry urgently needs to solve this kind of problem.
This project is a real-time online biological process detection system, which can rapidly analyze the concentration of nutrients and products in cell culture medium, help improve the cell living environment, keep cells in a vigorous life state, and thus improve the output and stable product quality. Spectroscopy technology especially Raman spectroscopy is an ideal tool for on-line monitoring of biological processes. No need to deal with the sample, the detection time is fast.
This project focuses on the development of this instrument, which has formed the initial product. The reliability of this instrument has been demonstrated through close cooperation with universities and biological companies. At present, we are looking for industrialization fund to make this technology into a mature product and realize industrialization as soon as possible, so as to fill the gap in the domestic industry and jointly develop and share the domestic and international market with foreign instrument companies.
Environmental and noise monitoring maps
Country: Australia
The World Health Organization points out that the biggest environmental problem affecting human health is traffic noise. Transmission noise also affects feature values, which decrease by up to 2.3% for every 1dBA increase.
To help customers understand the impact of transport noise and air quality on their future homes, the team is producing a detailed national environment and noise map of Australia for customers to understand in detail. This data set can be used to refine automatic property valuation models to predict property values, provide detailed planning coverage for the Government to protect the community from traffic noise and lay the foundation for health research and the impact of traffic noise.
The environmental policy and partnership are global, and once the feasibility of the project is finalized, the company will promote the product to other regions.
Use AI deep learning mathematical black box
[Country] Japan
The team AI chip features: interpretable + fast + low power consumption. Based on the revolutionary algorithm of the open AI deep learning black box, it is able to construct its own deep learning model for the same large data set, and it has the function of cause-and-effect analysis for fine granularity inside the deep learning model. On the premise of the same precision, the energy consumption can be reduced by one tenth, the calculation speed can be increased by ten times, and the calculation accuracy can be better.
This project has already had two sample projects and a large water company's practical application in production, with ideal results. AI has replaced 80% of human decision-making work. Project application: provide 5G cloud computing services with IC custom chips (FPGA or ASIC) needed for edge computing and white box AI mathematical model building and training. With ideal cross-field generalization ability, it can be used in the fields of smart phones (Huawei, Xiaomi, etc.), AI home appliances, autonomous driving, new drug research and development, production and manufacturing, etc.
Project prospect: The overall application of the project application industry has a market scale of more than 100 billion yuan, which is a breakthrough in basic theory. It has strong generalization ability and unparalleled advantage of being the first in the world. It can break through a point in the industry and quickly occupy most of the market of the industry.
Project Advantages:
First, it is a breakthrough in the mathematical theory of artificial intelligence, and can form a substitute product with the existing MATHEMATICAL theory of AI.
Supported by a system with millions of lines of program code, the product enters the mass production stage.
3. The AI integrated circuit chip (FPGA or ASIC) customized on the development platform of our team can prove mathematically that compared with the chips of competitors (Intel, Nvidia, Google, qualcomm, etc.), under the premise of the same calculation results, the speed is more than 100 times faster and the energy consumption is less than one tenth.
Fourth, the world's first, leading international, not subject to any country or group. The characteristics of this project are the independent research and development results of the basic theory of AI mathematics and the derivations of multiple landing products with substitution characteristics. The team owns all the independent intellectual property rights of the project.
Five, Google, Microsoft, tesla and other companies are also developing the technology of these basic theories. Our team is three to five years ahead of these companies.
Project features: Based on the basic mathematical theory research, a new type of AI chip with international leading level was designed, including two product forms, 2B and 2C.
1. The team opened the black box of AI Deep Learning from a mathematical perspective, making the Deep Learning model mathematically interpretable.
2. Modeling training has convergence and is a breakthrough in mathematics theory related to deep learning, with an obvious international leading edge.
3. With ideal cross-border generalization ability, it can be widely used in autonomous driving, new drug research and development, production and manufacturing, finance and other fields.
The non-invasive glucurinalysis instrument can be used repeatedly
[Country] Japan
The electronic instrument for non-invasive diabetes detection is characterized by no blood collection and no pain. It extracts glucose from human urine to measure glyurine data, and USES enzyme layer to filter out unnecessary factors, achieving 97% accuracy. This is a far cry from the old way of measuring sugar in the urine by poking a finger through a blood sample.
The product has been approved by the Korea Food and Drug Administration to use energy-saving and pollution-free products for many times in new areas.
Smart gloves for rehabilitation training
[Country] Germany
Founded in 2016, the startup aims to market the product as a medical device, aiming to make rehabilitation more entertaining and efficient than other current rehabilitation treatments. The team designed a smart glove with sensors that patients can use as a game controller for rehabilitation training. This kind of glove is characterized by high precision, easy to carry and low price.
The project has won many awards, such as RWTH Derivative Award, Logitech Entrepreneurial Partners, Novartis Digital Health Award or Innoalliance. These enable the team to build an international network. In China, the project has found a permanent electronics supplier, a German partner such as Bosch Sensor Technology, and Cynteract as a partner in social work, such as Sozialwerk or Lebenshilfe, to support disadvantaged groups in society.
Automotive vision broadening technology
[Country] Germany
This is a B2B, B2C predictive maintenance solution that allows drivers to monitor the health and status of the vehicle in real time. Its main goal is to prevent the driver from having unexpected maintenance events, such as battery failure. The second goal is to improve driver safety by monitoring and alerting safety critical events such as tire damage or brake wear. The solution will automatically detect potholes during real-time detection of potential tire damage events, providing insightful information for government road maintenance. In addition, the solution foresaw that users could arrange maintenance appointments within the app, thus improving the overall customer experience.
The unique value of the project is the backend technology of the solution, which facilitates application intelligence. The team developed the Lambda architecture and a number of algorithms to efficiently process and transform complex raw vehicle sensor data and translate it into actionable insights. In terms of hardware and smartphone application components, the team is looking to partner with local Chinese companies. In terms of hardware components, the project hopes to build partnerships in areas such as edge AI infrastructure by learning Chinese hardware/manufacturing expertise. The project's back-end technology has found commercial use in Europe: Bridgestone, the world's largest tire and rubber company, has announced a leading predictive tire and vehicle maintenance solution using the project's technology.
[Cooperation requirements] Looking for partners to launch pilot projects
Healthy pet food automatic cooking machine
[Country] Spain
The product is the first home appliance to automatically cook healthy pet food. The team developed a new technology that automatically rehydrates dehydrated pet food (MVP implementation, TRL6). The technology has been patented and allows pet owners to feed their pets naturally healthy dehydrated pet food. The product USES multiple doses of dehydrated pet food capsules.
The home appliance (38x38x38cm) is completely user-friendly and has a panel that can be programmed for everything, a water tank and a food can (where food capsules are introduced). The whole mixing cooking process is done internally and the pet food bowl pops out automatically when it is ready. So feed your pet healthy, natural foods at the touch of a button.
Hyperloop train
[Country] Spain
This is a European high-tech company based in Spain that is leading the development of the hyperloop. Hyperloop is a surface transportation system that connects cities and logistics centers at 1000 km/h with zero emissions. Compared with aircraft, energy consumption is reduced by five to ten times over a range of 400 to 1,500 km.
The company is responsible for designing, developing, manufacturing and selling hyperloops, as well as providing support services for the operation, upgrade and maintenance of vehicles. The company's proprietary vehicle technology has significantly reduced infrastructure costs, thus providing a scalable system for long-distance travel (400-1500 km).
The company leverages the expertise of Europe's leading rail, aviation and infrastructure industries to accelerate the pace of market entry, and partners with world-renowned industrial companies to implement hyperloop trains within the next decade.
Intelligent distribution network ultra-precision monitoring key technology research and development and industrial application projects
[country] Great Britain
With the revolution of national energy strategy, the transformation from traditional power grid to smart power grid has become an inevitable trend. However, most of the mainstream power monitoring systems in the market are based on the traditional SCADA system, and generally lack of real-time monitoring, high-frequency data collection, GPS timing, neck jam, safety hazards, lack of load forecasting model and other pain points. Therefore, a new generation of smart grid real-time monitoring big data system is urgently needed in the market.
The project is based on phasor measurement technology, combining data stream recognition, real-time database, data mining and artificial intelligence technology, developed a smart grid, new energy core sensor (synchronous phasor distribution network monitoring unit), high frequency power distribution network in real-time monitoring, load forecasting, fault analysis, state estimation, and other functions, and is fully compatible with the beidou timing system. The product has microsecond resolution and ultra-high precision required for distribution network applications, and can achieve ultra-high precision synchronous phasor measurement. It conforms to IEEE C37.118.2-2011 standard of synchronous phasor measurement device and can be used for real-time control applications. From a functional and practical point of view, the product will have the following technologies