Cross-border activity | China shenzhen innovation and entrepreneurship competition 4th international Internet of things professional finals

Time: 10:30-17:00, November 9

Venue: International Talent Lecture Hall, second floor, Talent Park, Baoan District, Shenzhen

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Announcement of competition results and awards

Project introduction

An artificial spinal disc used for degenerative disc disease

[Country] Canada
[Project Introduction]

The main business of the company is mobile artificial cervical disc (artificial disc), which is related to the treatment of spinal deformity and the method and device of using artificial disc to replace the spine. The product was developed by the first physician in North America to perform an artificial cervical disc replacement.

This product is made of titanium alloy, which is designed in accordance with human mechanics and can be inserted quickly and easily. Compared with traditional treatment methods (such as fusion cage), it has no side effects such as pain and inflammation after implantation, and can move flexibly. The surgeon gave the product a high evaluation, which was manifested in the simple operation of the artificial disc and the good response of the patient. It has good fixity, easy to insert, wear resistance and long service life of the implant; The material has been approved by FDA and has good biocompatibility and biomechanical characteristics. Can greatly reduce the risk of surgery; Products also have a strong expansion.

The artificial disc has been implanted in more than 700 cases, applied in the market including the United States (experimental), Canada, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Turkey, etc., without any adverse reactions in all cases. At present, it has obtained Canadian CE certification and clinical trial approval in the United States. It is expected to obtain FDA and CFDA certification in about 3 years.

Extend clinical expertise through AI to provide high quality cancer treatment

[Country] Canada
[Project Introduction]

The project USES artificial intelligence to expand clinical expertise to improve the efficiency, consistency and quality of cancer care. The company's mission is to close the gap between the quality of care patients need and the expertise needed to deliver it. The company has developed software driven by artificial intelligence that digitizes current clinical protocols and captures the deep clinical expertise needed to personalize treatment for each patient. The company has the world's most advanced CANCER treatment plan ML model, using the largest structured database of radiotherapy (10,000 treatments and 150,000 anatomical structures).

The project's founders, recognized as leaders in the automation of radiation therapy technologies, have previously licensed an automated treatment planning system in the market in collaboration with Raysearch. Unlike its competitors, the company's system is the only one that scores treatments at the protocol level and continues to evolve through clinical feedback to ensure that every patient gets the best treatment.

The small white bike

[Country] Canada
[Project Introduction]

In 1965, a group in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, painted some bicycles white without any locks and put them in public areas for people to use. It was called the White Bicycle Project.

Little White Bike believes that with a high level of appearance and good experience, Shared bikes will enable more urban residents to choose bicycles to travel, reduce exhaust emissions, congestion time, improve their health, and at the same time, bring people closer to each other, have more quality time, and make urban life more comfortable.

Through the combination of technological innovation and aesthetics, little White bike enables low-carbon and free cycling to return to urban life, and realizes the functions of vehicle positioning, easy car finding, code scanning, lock picking, one-second cycling, temporary parking and so on.

Intelligent temperature control welding system research and development

[Country] Canada
[Project Introduction]

Intelligent temperature control system of welding on the welding temperature control degree of the effect not beautiful, the processing tolerance is not strong, do not have a high level of automation, realize the possibility of flexible manufacturing and small spot, through the database design of welding quality control algorithm, realize the intelligent control of laser welding equipment, visualization operation, there was no difference in the formation welding automatic production lines, provide laser welding of a complete set of solutions. Make use of the product representative advantage of typical customers in the industry, form a unique product processing database, realize soft brazing quality assurance and equipment self-learning.

The system USES special software to establish the transient temperature field model, introduces laser light source to establish the geometry physical model of the processed material, assigns physical and chemical properties to the model, sets the initial and boundary heat source conditions of the model, and classifies grids and computes them.

The project provides a method based on temperature model to simulate and calculate the temperature field in laser machining welding process, which solves the problems of traditional laser welding, such as high cost, difficult operation and complex procedure. It ADAPTS to the temperature control of different emittance materials and realizes the automatic welding of different machining objects.

High precision positioning technology based on RADIO frequency

The United States of America
[Project Introduction]

The company is a technology start-up company focusing on wireless sensing positioning. The founding team of the company comes from relevant departments of cisco and Google in the United States, and has rich experience in wireless network, communication chip, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other fields. The company pioneered positioning technology based on smart antenna matrix and AI RADIO frequency algorithm, which revolutionized the accuracy and coverage of wireless positioning technology and created many industry firs:

• The first to achieve sub-mi level Wi-Fi base station positioning

• The first to support positioning of the indoor high ceiling suspended ceiling

• The first high-precision wireless SLAM scanning technology

The company's positioning technology can provide sub-meter and centimeter-level positioning accuracy for smart terminals such as smartphones, mobile computers, electronic tags, smart robots and Internet of Things devices. The company has conducted in-depth cooperation with Samsung Electronics in Korea, HEWLETT-PACKARD in the United States and Juniper Networks based on Wi-Fi/BLE base station positioning.

In China, the project team has participated in a number of large-scale wireless communication projects, including sinopec gas station O2O cloud platform, FAW Toyota National 4S shop wireless management cloud platform, Shanghai Railway Bureau high-speed railway Wi-Fi project, Beijing Subway positioning and navigation project, etc. The Positioning and navigation project of Beijing subway adopts the company's latest precise positioning technology and achieves good results.

At present, the company is working with industry leaders such as China Mobile, ZTE, H3C and Ruijie to promote the market landing of 5G+X precision positioning technology.

Low orbit Satellite Iot module based on chip - level technology

The United States of America
[Project Introduction]

Company takes the lead in put forward the concept of small satellite modular production, with independent research and development of high precision components: core high precision piezoelectric motor and micro/nano manufacturing GEM device, produce the international leading chip level satellite propulsion, flexible laser communication between detector and nanoscale star alignment system, mass production function modules to assemble a satellite, in order to improve efficiency and reduce cost.

In addition, the company's low-orbit satellite vehicle Internet of flat antenna will become a mobile terminal vehicles and other essential products. In April this year, the National Development and Reform Commission incorporated the low-orbit satellite Internet into the new infrastructure, and the construction of the country's low-orbit satellite communication network will also be accelerated. The terminal application of low-orbit satellite will soon bring a new growth point of output value of us $10 trillion, among which, the market size of internet-connected flat panel antenna for low-orbit satellite vehicles is at least RMB 250 billion. In response to the new national infrastructure policy of low-orbit satellite Internet of things, the company's internet-connected flat plate antenna matches the Internet of Things and the chip industry, and realizes the mass production of small satellite modular modules with chiplevel technology and low-orbit satellite Internet of things.

Battery Innovation Project

The United States of America
[Project Introduction]

The company developed a new unit architecture with two components. The first part is the thermostable nanofiber nonwovens separator. If the defect causes a short circuit, the partition will not melt or contract due to heating and therefore will not make the internal short circuit worse. The second part is a collector made of metallized film that melts and contracts from an internal short circuit, thereby disconnecting the circuit and preventing energy from flowing into the battery. The damaged lithium-ion batteries will continue to operate and deliver energy safely.

The company's marketing strategy is to use an open innovation/alliance model. These technologies will be licensed to the world's best quality material manufacturers to create a strong global supply chain that eliminates single sourcing issues and ensures geographic availability.

Brain industrial product - insomnia apparatus

[Country] Japan

[Project Introduction]

Company is the ministry of Japan and the Japanese Patent Office recognized one of the most excellent one of intellectual property and innovative 48 enterprises, including sumitomo electric company, Hitachi, showa surprisingly, east electric appliance co., the east China sea the physical and chemical companies, many Japanese companies set up innovative medical machine development and global market to promote the partnership, in Japan, the United States, China, Europe, Singapore and other countries of the world and world launched its first sleep management series products.

Company is a neural engineering as the core, to create a benefit mankind global brain industry as the mission of the global enterprise group, from the national university of Singapore, the brain a tenured professor of engineering, neural engineering laboratory founding director of the national university of Singapore and Singapore national institute of brain science and technology professor Li Xiaoping create founder, the current domestic companies to sea before landing brain science and technology co., LTD.

Li Xiaoping professor in his 30 years many years researching brain in engineering field found in the brain in a unique physical properties and the relationship is a kind of special electric field outside the brain, which has obtained the subversion of breakthrough in the field of neural engineering research: electric field without contact damage detection and modulation brain activity, to create a meet the huge demand of new industry -- brain industry, all laid a foundation.

At present, the company's electronic sleep pillow products and refreshing device products mass production, China's Shenzhen Hi-tech Fair to officially launch the global market.

New materials, high-end equipment and chip research base projects based on medical and big Health application scenarios

[Country] Japan

[Project Introduction]

Since 2017, the platform has made a series of attempts on media information development technologies and products in the Internet of Things era in the existing government and industry fields, and successfully connected the research and development results with the automobile, education, advertising and media, film and television entertainment and big health industries. Some independently developed technologies and wearable devices have been successfully implemented in industry projects.

Through the implementation of these new technologies and new products, the platform finds that new materials, high-end equipment and chips play an important role in the upstream and downstream industry chain. With new materials and high-end equipment is needed in addition to the depth of the enterprise, service its own research and development needs, more important platform of industry resources, new materials and research and development of high-end equipment industry demand docking, get more industry data, help enterprise innovation, research and development achievements, fu can industry, to form a good circulation of industry, to form industry cluster.

As a central media platform, the project has rich government and industry resources. After several years of research and development accumulation, the platform is suitable for the construction of industrial cluster bases. Under the guidance of relevant departments in Shenzhen, we are planning to establish a research base of new materials, high-end equipment and chips based on medical and big health application scenarios at a suitable location in Shenzhen with the main objectives of serving new materials, high-end equipment technological innovation and industrial empowerment.

Large-scale road monitoring platform

[Country] Japan
[Project Introduction]

The platform is a large-scale road monitoring system developed by the entrepreneurial team during their PhD and distinguished research at the University of Tokyo in Japan. This technology utilizes vehicle-mounted devices including smart phones, combines artificial intelligence image processing, vehicle dynamic analysis and big data processing technology of the Internet of Things to achieve crowd-sourced large-scale cloud collection of road flatness. This technology is undergoing large-scale PoC in Japan, and some services have been commercialized. There is no registered company in China, and we have an operation team. We hope to land in Shenzhen through this competition.

In Japan, the hardware and software of the product have been developed, and the trial operation has been started through AWS cloud in Japan, and large-scale accuracy verification experiments have been conducted with The Japanese listed road detection company Nichireki and the Japanese Road Engineering Group. It also provides road improvement services to 12 local governments in Japan.

In China, the team is building the Aliyun platform, which is expected to be completed in October. Upon completion, it will assist the government to improve the road condition free of charge.

The project acquired 10 intellectual property rights (2 patents and 8 works) in Japan through the University of Tokyo. The entrepreneurial team has the exclusive right to use the above intellectual property rights in Japan. China's annoying founder owns five of his own software works and is applying for his own patents.

The technology has obtained important awards and official accuracy certification:

1.2020 shenzhen nanshan entrepreneurial star competition, champion of Japan division, runner-up of Asia division

2. Selected as the IPC representative start-up company of The University of Tokyo in 2020, the third Chinese start-up company in Japan in history

3.2019 Champion of Japan division of China Xiaomi Aicup

4.2019 Second prize in China (Harbin) Overseas Talent Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

5.2019 Minister of Education, Education, Science and Technology of Japan awards for Technology Development (founder as team representative)

Intelligent operation and maintenance system of infrastructure integrating big data and BIM 3D model

[Country] Japan

[Project Introduction]

Through BIM+ big data analysis technology, this project builds a comprehensive management platform integrating big data such as detection, monitoring, maintenance and reinforcement in the process of infrastructure operation and maintenance. The platform accurately grasped the development process and trend of the disease, and built an early warning index system integrating inspection/monitoring data, so as to provide a solid data basis for the maintenance decision of infrastructure and assist the evaluation Suggestions.

Through the secondary development technology of BIM-FEM model transformation, the data mutual feed channel between THE BIM model and the finite element model is established to realize the three-dimensional cloud-mapping of the finite element simulation in the BIM model. On this basis, a BIM visualization and finite element analysis platform for infrastructure distress is built to help users accurately grasp the actual stress state of infrastructure distress, and provide scientific basis for the safety assessment of infrastructure distress.

Through BIM + overrun overload monitoring technology, in view of the city overpass, elevated Bridges and other infrastructure in a large number of overloading transfinite accumulated under the action of catastrophe risk (including downwarping craze, pedestal offset, side turn and collapse, etc.) the security risks of a comprehensive, real-time and intelligent monitoring, early warning and operational decision-making, help users realize urban Bridges and other infrastructure overrun overload risk management informationization, unmanned intelligence.

Artificial intelligence epidemiology medical management system based on cloud and IoT technology

[country] Great Britain
[Project Introduction]

This project originated from the company's team undertaking the smart medical system project of CP Group in Thailand (the comprehensive smart hospital system set up under CP Group). The project is currently under construction and is scheduled to open at the same time in two hospitals in neighbouring countries.

The project includes HMS medical management system on the cloud, IoTs Pharmacy non-contact Pharmacy intelligent warehouse management system based on the cloud, and cloud-based artificial intelligence epidemic and genetic research precision medical sharing ecology.

Intelligent distribution network ultra-precision monitoring key technology research and development and industrial application projects

[country] Great Britain
[Project Introduction]

With the revolution of national energy strategy, the transformation from traditional power grid to smart power grid has become an inevitable trend, and the development of safe, reliable, green and intelligent power distribution network is the trend of The Times. At present, the mainstream power monitoring system in the market is large