Shenzhen Dongfang Fuhai Investment Management Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Dongfang Fuhai Investment Management Co., Ltd. is a professional venture capital management company initiated by several professionals who have been working in the field of venture capital in China for a long time, have rich practical experience, excellent investment performance and have great influence in the industry. Dongfang Fuhai establishes its own operation mechanism according to the international model. The company has strict and meticulous management, efficient investment decision-making, and can provide personalized value-added services for the invested enterprises according to their needs. Since its establishment, the accumulated scale of funds under management has exceeded 20 billion yuan. At present, more than 380 projects have been invested, and 90 projects have been withdrawn through listing, merger and acquisition.
Dongfang Fuhai is committed to investing in target companies with growth potential and listing potential, and actively provides value-added services for the invested enterprises, improves the profitability of enterprises, and strives to help enterprises maximize the value of enterprises through IPO and other ways, so as to bring satisfactory capital appreciation returns for investors. We sincerely look forward to being your sincere friend and reliable partner.


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